Nelstrops product range uses specially tailored blends of high quality English wheats, wheat from Continental Europe and Canadian wheat. It is milled precisely to different specifications to provide a broad range of high quality flours.

White Bread Flour


• Premium Springs


• Strong Springs


• White Knight


• Mayflour


• Lily


• French Queen





Patent White Bread Flour


• Canada Queen


• Empress Queen






Brown Flour


• Dusky Queen


• Coarse Golden Brown






Wholemeal Flour


• MM Wholemeal


• 1820 Wholemeal




Bakers Flours

Malted Products


• Malt Flake


• Malt Flake Concentrate






Soft Flour


• Soft Patents


• Biscuit


• Pastry Queen


• Fairy Queen Cake Flour






• Multiseed and Flake Flour


• Sunflower and Rye


• Coarse Bran




Rye Flour


• Light Rye


• Dark Rye




Gluten Free Flour


• Plain Gluten Free flour


• Bread making Gluten Free flour

Spelt Flour


• White Spelt Flour


• Wholemeal Spelt Flour